A Squirrel and an Acorn - You say?!

A Squirrel and an Acorn - You say?!


These earrings are sold. If you want a pair, please email us, and we’ll make you a pair. (normily@msn.com).

The sterling silver squirrel and acorn earrings are hand designed by chase and repousse’ (the moving of metal using various hammers and chisel type tools). The squirrel is .76 x .7 inches (at widest points), and the acorn is .75 x .55 (at widest points). The earrings are oxidized to highlight their design, and have hook-back sterling silver earring wires.

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Note: due to inconsistencies in using digital photography, equipment and monitors, the colors shown may not be true to their actual color. Please expect a slight color shift.