Dragonfly Sterling Silver/24kt Gold Earrings

Dragonfly Sterling Silver/24kt Gold Earrings


The Dragonfly earrings are designed and sculpted in sterling silver using chase and repousse’. Chase and repousse’ begins when the design is transferred to metal; repousse’ is done from the reverse side pushing the metal out with planishers and hammers. From front and reverse sides, chasing begins with liners and planishers to raise the metal; to define the shape; and to provide texture.

The Dragonflies are an intricate pattern; it took 7 hours to complete the earring design. Additional time was spent applying the 24kt gold foil to the earrings by Keum Boo giving life to their design.

The earrings measure 1.7 x 2 inches, and come with 14kt gold-filled earring threads.

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