Why commission us... to make your one of a kind, unique jewelry?! Because, “we can do it”!!! The process begins with you emailing us (normily@msn.com) a picture, rough draft, or a statement of the experience or feeling that you want to capture in a jewelry design.  

We’ll submit a sketch to you, and work with you until the jewelry design emerges. We’ll discuss the design, the metal to use, and any add-ons, such as, gemstones or antiquing.

 When you’re ready to commission us, we’ll begin giving life to your jewelry design. In consultation with you, there may be minor changes in the design with no additional fee.  However, there will be an additional charge for major changes, again, always in consultation with you.

 One of our designers, Norman, uses chase and repousse’ in many of his jewelry designs, and it’s why “we can do it”!!! We can give life to your picture, rough draft, or experience in a piece of jewelry. 

 Chase and repousse’ begins when the design is transferred to metal; repousse' is done from the reverse side pushing the metal out with planishers and hammers. From front and reverse sides, chasing begins with liners and planishers to move the metal; give it shape; and provide any texture.

Our dog Katie (an Australian terrier), is special (of course), and we wanted to make sure she was a part of our life furever. Norman took a picture of her paw; made the sketch; transferred the sketch to metal, and brought her paw to life through chase and repousse’. 

Growing up in North Carolina, Dogwood trees lined the driveway, and Norman never forgot the beauty of their flowers. He wanted to capture that beauty on sterling silver as a cuff bracelet.

Some of our commissions….

Cat Cuff Links –

A pendant for a spouse who supports family and FOR-     

A pendant for our Daughter-in-Law, who is a Vet Tech –

A commission for a horoscope and birthstone sterling silver cuff bracelet

What do you love..... and want to capture in a jewelry design?! Dragonflies, lady bugs, butterflies, roses, lilies, ….just let us know at normily@msn.com